Still Waters

A Sanctuary for Single Women and Women with Children Psalm 23

The vision for Still Waters, a DBA under Wholeness to Freedom Ministries, Inc., is: “Still Waters is a Christ-centered campus outreach and ministry that is educational, transformational and transitional. We are committed to providing the means and support for single women and women with children through discipleship, education, and teaching, equipping, training, and empowering them towards wholehearted and healthy living in an environment of love, safety, and healing.”


The mission of Still Waters is to journey alongside single women/women with children that are experiencing a lack of resources and life skills as they walk out their decision to improve their lives towards wholehearted living of mind, body, and spirit towards freedom and independence.

The Vision

SCOPE AND PURPOSE The scope and purpose of Wholeness to Freedom Ministries is to help individuals overcome the negative effects of life experiences involving, but not limited to, poverty, relationship struggles, emotional, sexual, physical abuse, and trauma in order to better function and contribute to society and fulfill the purpose for which they were created on a local level within the community in which they live.